Brick and glass

I hate sunbathing.

I do not get this calming, just sitting on a beach and browning or more like getting red… but there is the sea and I do so love swimming. I do it until I loose all my strength, until my head starts to feel weirdly light and I get dizzy. But then I need to dry out, right.. and take some photos.

And when it comes to photos, beaches are amazing.

Especially when there is no humans around!!! Perfect. Amazing, soft sand, and I found my actors, or more like models. Meet the Green Blade and Was a Brick

And my poor Husband, who I finally had to call to help me. Nope, doing it alone, jumping, putting pieces up, coming back to the camera, lying down, and seeing that the wave again made them down… Yup, husbands can be so useful. Although I do not he is sometimes like: we are doing it for an hour or so, woman, stop it… but he says nothing. I so love him for that!!!

Still, it is never easy.

Even when you have such amazing models. Already recreated, changed, sculpted by the mighty sea. By waves and soft sand.

And then taken away…

… like a moment, which you are given by nature, and which you can use, or just walk by. You can have fun or just do not care. Because, if you did not notice, it was only a piece of brick and a piece of some green glass. And some sand, amazing, soft sand, and some seaweeds, and some sea…

Sometimes I think that we are loosing so much. We walk too quickly, look not carefully enough… but then my obsession strikes, and I try to look at everything and touch everything and in fact again, I see nothing. I try to do everything, and am with nothing, so you need this golden mean. Because it is also god to sometimes close your eyes and do not care. Only smell the air, or only listen, or…

Okay, sorry, have a sunset to take care of and a bucket of ice cream!!! LOL

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