Pink weather

Just jumped out from the freezing sea and found those pink babies… yes, the sea is weirdly freezing, more like here was an iceberg here, or Arctic moved to my island? I mean really. The air is quite warm and it is very sunny, but cold wind is not letting you sweat too much. And I am not complaining.

Nope, never, although that sea…

I still feel pain in my bones from that cold.

And how is your weather today?

Is it more blue or orange, pink or grey? And… in fact, is there something like a pink weather?

Candy like one?

I mean really? Maybe around sunset? With bubbles… maybe around sunrise when you know that this day is your holiday and you can stay in bed longer. Or maybe even have a nice pee-jay day?

I come back to those flowers every year. I am not a huge fan of pink, but somehow they mesmerize… somehow they hypnotize me. With this blue sky and clearness of the air they are so fragile, so fairy tale like. So crazy symmetrical, but also so not caring about it. With those brushy insides, oh yes, great inspiration…

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