Is there one color, or maybe a shade, which is for everybody?

I mean real?

Is there a perfect one which can suit every skin tone, every soul, very heart and mind… to be a bit poetic. Because why not… LOL

I mean really?

Is it possible, that all people could agree that at least this color is okay for them. Or maybe colors are so important for us, that in fact people are first divided between all primal colors, and then fans of some shades?

Or maybe colors are not important? At all?

Yea, I am aware of the research saying how colors touch us, how red can make us angry, blue and green can calm us, but to be true… do people still care? Or is it only abut fashion. Because there is that mustardy color, which I perfectly totally and personally almost hate, but which is now one of the most popular colors?

Can fashion change your own likes and dislikes?

Will you wear a color which you do not feel only because it is popular?

Are colors connected with our personality? And will it change with time, I mean, will I stop liking blue? Will I start to love yellow?


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