Lilacs, going away. Or more like coming back to a place they came from…

Came for a moment.

Short very… too short.

And this smell, oh my. Those colors, shapes, and magic connected with them. Same like with lilies of the valley, they are just a pure magic.

I have no idea why, but look at them. Just look… do not mine the bee, it is just busy working here. She will manage to do her work without your help.


Yes, of course. You can inhale them into your body.

They are always a memory of my childhood. Wild me running around alone, climbing, being by myself with nature. Discovering myself.

My true self.

Somehow ages ago, when I was… shorter, there were tones of them. Of those bushes full of blooming branches. You could just sit under them and think about nothing, or just be open to something new, new ideas, new stories, new plays. In those days we did not care about ticks, and buzzing bees were normal. No like today, when you are surprised when you see a bee…

And lilacs…

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