The Sun is done with this part of the world.


But around this time of year it is dark only for few hours, so… this setting is only for a moment. Really…


And as you know, I am not the one who is crazy about The Golden Hour, but… sometimes you need to swim in this amber light.

You just have to. 

Because somehow it is another world. From one sight well known, familiar, from the other… strange, different, so rich. So… maybe not mine. Maybe I am to in love wit darkness and cold, that this sunny weather is taking all thoughts from me?


Maybe it locks me inside of myself and plays with my body. dries it out and creates a doll, a marionette… Human like, but not me. Because myself is there, but somehow too unconscious to yell, maybe even sleeping?

Yeah, I hate hot weather.

I am also not a fan of too much sun. Yes, I love the rays to create photos, but not to be a part of them. Those golden, light pieces touching you, smudging you, in fact doing everything what you did not ask for… And recently it is getting worst. Not only because the drought, but because of myself not wanting to hide. I just wanna shut off the sun sometimes. I need rain and mists, I need winds and cooler weather. I am watching the winter which lasted longer than usual, and…

I miss it all.

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