Living on a boat

I think it is all about freedom maybe.

Possibility of sailing to another place and making it your own, but in fact, not even stepping out. Because everywhere you are, you have your home with you. I bet it is also about some kind of minimalism…

And not having seasickness.

And I do have one!

And maybe about being a special kind of yourself. Always wearing blue and white. And being a captain. Okay, it is also a lifestyle possible in places which have rivers and the sea, harbors an canals, but still, here in Denmark it is so easy. Although also expensive if you wanna use a harbor.

And a shower…

But mostly freedom.

You just sail from one place to another.

Maybe if scared of pirates you try to keep close to the coast, but you know how dangerous it can be. Or maybe there is n sailing at all for you? Maybe you decorated you boat with baskets full of flowers and paintings and you are at home. With your silver post box, somehow it is your life.

I personally get it.

Home, your own home, is sometimes everything you need. But for me it must be made f stone and bricks and some flint and wood of course… and be on a nice piece of land. Somehow… land, my own, seems to be such a safe spot. Or maybe it is just owning a piece of land, soil, possibilities of growing or failing…

How it is for you?

Could you live on a boat?

And if so, would it be sailing almost all the time, or just wobbling in a canal, in some forgotten harbor?

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