Padlocks of love?

Who was the first?

Who in fact was the bellwether of it?

I mean really? Was it in some movie, song or whatever? Why people do it? And do not tell me that to lock their love forever. For me it is pure stupidity.

I mean really.

People are no longer unique. I get it, it is hard to figure out something brilliant and new in the world who had already everything, but truly…

Okay, it looks cute. Of course it does. Those shapes, colors, mysteries, stories… but in fact all you do is trashing. Throwing out this key… I just do not wanna think about all that stuff there, in this canal.

Number two… the bridge holding so much added weight will fall apart quickly. Sorry, but it is not made for padlocks. It is not its purpose.

And for me most important number 3.


Or something what you feel now, just showing off… what if you, putting this padlock, throwing out this key will after figure out that it was not THAT feeling? How will you unlock this charm? I mean really. It is a very bad juju.

You can not undone it. You will be forever, unhappy in this relationship. In this pretended love, but deep in your heart you will feel sadness, this weird feeling… emptiness. Impossibility of finding true love.

Because true love needs no padlocks.

It can not be closed.

It is free… must be.

And if we are in so called areas of magic… well, if you love is true, you are leaving it here, in this strange country, city, which is probably not yours, for everyone to see, to touch, to break it!!! Yup, another bad juju.

Soo… if you love him or her, put a padlock at home. Put it close. Keep the key. Put the ring on her finger and just work on this relationship. Because it is work. Hard one… At first you got hormones and all those chemical reactions helping you, after, you will have to deal with her humors, his obsessions.

Carve your love in a stone… and I do not mean the nearest stone bridge. Bridge, what a weird metaphor for love. Love should come from you, not from a place divided. Carve it in stone, it will be hard, because you got to do it yourself, not pay someone for doing it. It will teach you patient, and focusing on one thing.

Plant a tree together!

I mean really, trust me, you can trust Mother Nature. Stone will take everything, every crazy, cheeky, melting word, and trees, oh my, taking care of it is not always hard, but watching it grow, it means heavens!!! Some of them grow slow, some quicker, it is such a huge lesson. Soo… Do this. And buy her a flower, take a photo on a bridge but leave the padlocks alone. They are suppose to close your doors, garden sheds or bikes.

Not feelings…

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