Okay. I think we can be honest.

There is no point in saying hat this is a very historical place in Copenhagen… dated around middle of XVII century, right? Who cares?

Only me…

Most of people will get it as the most instagramable place in Copenhagen. Even more will not know that Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark.

But who cares, right?

Am I sarcastic?

OF COURSE I AM!!! Hell yeah!!! Hans Christian Andersen lived here! Come on. It is a crazy fair tale land!!!

A place full of people, and in fact we were there in the hottest day of a century and when it was filled with people. Of course. Because why not… this world hates me!!! Really. And photos here can be so awesome, but how to make all those people go away and of course remove all those modern thingies?

Boats can stay.

They are cute. Even with those people who live on them. So cute. Those little baskets full of flowers, those tiny post boxes… I am so melting, not only because of seasickness, dizziness and temperature. So damn cute!!!

I think it really shows how I hate the city.

Or wait, nope, I do not hate the city, I love architecture, colors, diversities, canals, sea… boats even, but people and nasty bikers… nope. No way. And hot weather. Nope, not for me. So maybe… I will come back here one day. When it will beat autumnal and wet or maybe just autumnal and with no people, or very early, can I do it? Can I? I must, just see those reflections. All I needed was the time, which i did not have because polish consulate is placed in a most posh part of the city an of course open only for an hour or two for peasants. Oh well… where the heck is my prince Harry, or more like Christian or Frederick here. LOL Yeah, of course I had my prince with me, but without a fancy title we had to use peasants doors… Oh well.

Do I really wanna be a princess? Do not think so, being a witch is enough.


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