Night art

There is something in darkness.

There is something in those lights swimming around you, especially if you are 23 hours on feet and on seasick pills, so not holding everything together smoothly… but there is something, right?

Something what changes so much, especially when you think here is only peace, quiet and waiting time. Something calming but also disturbing, because everything starts to look so much different.

Like from other world. Like behind the veil which is so ready to be discovered. So ready to be touched, caught if you can… even…

But still, I love it.

It calms me, it makes me sure, that there is more than everyone talks about, everyone thinks about, that all those possibilities are here. All I have to do is… be shaky. LOL I mean really. But look at those shades, misty wrinkles, colors and softness. Amazing, rich softness. Just look… oh no, are you sleeping already?

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