Are you afraid…

Are you afraid…

Are you afraid of being forgotten?

See, people often asks us why we do not have kids… because somehow if you do not have them, you leave noting behind you. Or, what I find hilarious: you give nothing good to the world. LOL Are you kidding me people?


Making more humans is our only thing to do? Only legacy? Or better, that phrase pisses me off the most: who will take care of you when you get old. Well, news for you, you do not make kids to have nurses. You give birth t animals, you raise them, or more like you should raise them for humans, good people… and then let them flourish. Be who they wanna be. Fly wherever they want.


But, are kids those crazy monuments couples should leave behind them? To be not forgotten? Bullshit. What if none will remember me? What if I will disappear? Well… I will not be. Just simple. Somehow I am not afraid of being forgotten after death, I am sad when nobody remembers me now… Because now really counts. Future can in fact never happen and the past is pain, so… I am now. I am my research, my art, my thoughts, dreams and… I am me. Walking fucking monument. Probably none will ever remember that someone like me was on this planet after my death, but to be true, none of us knows what happens. Maybe I will come back as a tree or a bear or maybe a very annoying president? What do you think?

Or maybe it is pure egoism?

Maybe it is this need to be mighty gods? This weird need which hides in so many. Those who think can everything against nature, others, walking on dead corpses of many… or just fear. Again, fear of death?

Sooo… are you afraid of being forgotten?


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