The old sayings yells at me: it is you who chooses the path. It is you who take a turn… it is all about you. And it is the truth, but, in fact not always. As kids we can not decide where we will live. Where we will go.


Parents are moving, so even crying and yelling, you must follow. You got to wait until you can choose your way, path, road or whatever… rocky or smooth. Again, the truth is, that if you had a better start because of your parents and did not have to worry about cash, you will be different. Maybe less stressed, maybe easier, maybe even more? Different. But with not always being worried about money you are better. You feel better. Again: crying in a Porsche is better than on a bike.

Oh come on!

The truth is that with money you will get things easier. You just buy them not lick the glass waiting for a miracle, because even with the degree you still do not earn much enough… life sucks. And I think life knows it sucks and loves it. Really. This is why I love walking, because I can choose my own path, and you know what? I always choose the one more difficult but shorter. Climbing, when on four it is not walking – right LOL, strolling, running… I choose my way.

When someone tells you that you are deciding – punch his face.

I mean really. We live in a world full of other people deciding for us in too many ways. So, when you go out, find woodland to feel free truly. Although beware of poos, stepping in one is no fun at all. LOL Still, go there. Just go. Choose a hard path, try it, leave if you do not like it. In fact only nature is your freedom. Do not let others take it from you. Fight for nature, trees, clean air and plants. FIGHT FOR IT!

And never listen to that shit like: past will make you better, pain will make you stronger… oh bullshit! I could feel much lighter without a lot of things in my life. Maybe even more open, maybe better for myself, really. I could live without some things from my life. Really!!! I could. Come on! Life is nowadays full of sentences and coaches saying the same bullshit. The truth is that there is no truth. Every one of us is different. We react differently to things, days, nights, what is happening or what is not happening… give yourself some space. Live normally with all the normality you define so…

Breath! And buy yourself a new plant. Why not… LOL

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