In fact… tulips. One of the most popular flowers in the gardens here around spring. Also, we do have one kind of yellow, smaller, softer and more fragile tulips which are wild and amazing… you can find them around fields, meadows and surrounding woodlands. Like little sunny protectors…

But for now, those common.


Somehow for me tulips are not only colors and shapes, but mostly this amazing, perfect mirror like, lacquered skin… they are covered with.

Just look at them.

Always so proud, so straight on. Like little soldiers, or those ladies who you know will never like you… yeah, welcome my no existing self-esteem.

There is something in them… something more than this spooky, ALIEN like inside. Something what, if you are brave enough to dry those petals between pages of your favorite book, will stay with you forever.

Something magical or only creepy? See… I am not crazy about spring. And spring flowers are not my fav ever but still, there is something unspoken in there. Something so secret, something fairy tale like. Something…

Although they do stink!

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