We have sunny weather again and warm weather and… Yaaay? Ney! Yeah. I am one of those working only around zero of Celsius. Sorry, yes such weirdos live on this planet too. Yup… we are very rare, but we are here.


What does it mean?

Well… I live on an island, so it means tourists back and even more people looking like strangers, weird cars, older gentleman in very ancient cars trying to date/pick up someone or something. End of quiet, begin of loud dragons moving soft lawns and cutting tiny heads of daisies, oh my they are screaming… I mean daisies…

Sad time. Sunny time with amazing light and brightly blue sky.

And yes, I am not impressed.

Because this sun is like liquid, golden pain. I am aware of the Sun changing recently. I mean recently, change it like into 20 years. But in few years, in last few years it started to be more exotic, much more bright. Yup this is Denmark, but the truth is we have a very special climate, so it is much more like crazy hot if not in a shadow. You can get some cooling breeze, but… got to get it. Got to find it! And this is not an easy task. It may hide, may follow you, may disappear again…

But the sun… it is painful. And it is so weird for me to be covered all way around when most of people goes semi naked. But I have no other option.

Is it an allergy?

I do not think so, more like me again being sure, that changes in this Universe we are living in, are much bigger than everyone says. That the activity of lovely, bright rays, is so much bigger. Even my strongest herbs have burnt leaves. And I feel dizzy. And in fact yucky, and nauseated… okay, I am coming back to my dark home. No way, I am so not going out today. Unless it is for swimming. LOL

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