Blooming fruit trees.

The most amazing part of spring. I mean really. Smell them, lie down under them and let those tiny petals fall on your face. On your body, your hair.

Cover you, change you into a sleeping beauty.

Be a part of the soil waking up and jump high when ants come. I mean really high!!! Sorry, this is how it works. But still, in that moment I so wanted to stay there forever. To be a part of this amazing petal rain. Of those surroundings.

Okay, tiny trespassing, but trust me, there was nobody. And I did not touch the house. Tiny cottage hidden behind this fairy tale entrance.

But I just had to.

See, this place is somehow calling me. Calling me during snowy winters, blooming springs, green summers and colorful autumns. Everything here is just soooo perfect. So connected together. So calm, not mentioning the road which is stick to this… Somehow, even during busy season, here everything is so calm, so different.

So touching…

I wanted to stay there, under those trees, snowing me all around and on me with all those smelling petals. I wanted them to cover me, bury under the huge pile. Wanted to breath them inside of me, and never let them go.


I wanted, but… it is not my land. Not my forever place. Not mine. Not mine trees, although, somehow… well, nope, but still, needing my attention? Making them sure, that they are welcomed, hugged, amazing, like they forgot. Forgot that they are so important for this planet. Like someone told them: we do not need you anymore.


Why people treat trees so badly?

Try it, stay under them. Do not try to fly them over, jump over, think over. Just be a part of the world we all are in. Try it. This is the best time.

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