Is it still most fancy of colors?

Mustardy one?

You know, a bit diarrhea like… I watched few vlogs to be fancy and cool, and suddenly heard that. So, I am still not fancy, but laughing a lot.

I mean really?

That kind of color? For me it suits only nature. And appears really rarely. And guess what?! I was in a perfect time and moment to got it on photos. This softness, velvety kindness. Weird sweetness… like melted fudge!

So candy like, cake like… pound cake. Oh yes!!!

In fact the sea had all those lines lovely melting one into another. Perfectly combined, although when you look at it, and a human… well, you still wanna add more black. Or is it only me? Can a human being look good in such colors?

Would you choose such painting?

Paint such walls of your room?

Still, this amazing mixture of perfectly smooth sand, seaweeds and some pollen created together and amazing picture. Perfect for a background, and perfect just how it was. In a windy, but semi warm day.

Sunny, still not hot.

And all those cute swirls created by waves and sand… I could just sit and watch, and of course got wet, because I always get wet.


Because somehow the sea always touches me. Always finds a way. Somehow. Even if I try really step back, and step back again… the sea comes to me. To tickle, to cover me, to make me a piece of itself.


Am I saying NO? NOPE. LOL Because there is so much beauty in nature and the sea makes a huge part of it!!!

Enormous even.

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