Spring woods


Time to wake up, get green, flowery and happy… I think? It does not work on me, sorry. Somehow winter is much less depressing for me than spring. With spring I feel this weird anxiety, that I have to be happy, I have to be all joyful and boring like Instagram photos of feet on beaches…

But still… the woods, rocks still covered with green, fluffy, soft moss are just purely fairy tale like. I mean really. Like from Tolkien stories or maybe even legends, giants fighting with gods, only because they got bored with humans… and all those new ponds which are calling for offerings…

Anyone has a spare virgin? LOL

Oh my, I can see all those woodland beings. Tiny creatures, but also wild animals. Oh yes, few minutes after taking this photo few deer babies came to say “halo”, and scared the shit out of me!!! LOL

The trees.

Those so fluffy, those so bent, they all loo like dancers who were somehow frozen in time. Look at this amazing leading role, oh those roots, those smooth branches, and girly ladies looking at him, like at some holy picture, some saint being… or worst, huge sign SALE in their favorite shop! LOL

And finally… colors.

Blue sky, dead branches creating deep, brown, smooth feeling and those fresh, so green, so vibrant…

Spring woods create amazing spaces. And in fact not only flowers are important. This light, those tiny pieces which in your mind sing a perfect song, wake up an amazing story or maybe, just give you giggles?

Woods are amazing.

For me they are so much. Amazing cure for so much, place for exercises, for inspiration. A mighty place to hide… a moment of turning off everything in my head. I mean really everything. Of course humans here can be something disturbing, but still, maybe today I will meet nobody?


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