Best before?

Dreams have the most weird “best before”.

I mean really.

Just think…

Imagine this, your dreams and crazy obsession now being true, not those you have now in your head, but those when you were a kid, maybe a few year old wanting wings, or big boobs. Yes, you are looking at your boobs now, and suddenly you get all read because bigger mean a nightmare.

Just… imagine this.

Nightmare, right?

Dreams have best before dates. Some of them we have to forget even. And some of them, those about running away from everything, come so often. Come and then disappear, to come back again. Why we so create our lives, that all we want is being somebody else? D you have it sometimes? Because… I do not. Not anymore. Maybe I had it ages ago, maybe I do not remember, I forgot. And when I wanna run away from somewhere, I do it. Yup, it can look rude, weird, or even strange, but I do it. I do not wanna be trapped in a situation i can not breath. Of course I got to deal with “musts” but… and if I do not want to open the doors to my home, I do it also. If I wanna hide under the table… yup, you can find me there, but in fact you will not see me there, because I am home.

In my safe place.

Old enough to know, that wasting time is never a good choice. Eating ice cream outside is awesome when no one is criticizing you how much you weight etc… People hurt, so you can prefer them ancient and dissolved… You can dream about ancient burials and in fact not caring about so called now… because this will pass.

Everything will.

And dreaming is a must to do thing, but reality can kill it very easily. Still, you can easily kill the reality, but do not tell it to her! She can be nasty.

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