How much they saw?

How many monsters, how many mermaids? How many stories they know, how many people touched them?

In fact look… at all those colorful surfaces. So worn out a bit, or ready for a next color. What will it be this year? Red? Blue, or maybe something crazy?

Neon yellow?

For now they are still resting. Napping a bit.

The foggy havgus still keeps them on the land.

And here they are. Bellies up, resting, taking an early spring rest. Taking few more days off. Just because the time is still not here. Because they can.

They look like calm beetles but in fact they are the bravest creatures on the world. Small, mostly still wooden, so full of joy… so jumpy on the waves, maybe even now, dreaming about all that sea thing.

Salty, wavy, wobbly even… with weird humans on.

For me they are like from this other world. From a great unknown which is familiar with underwater live. Which is o open for new. Always ready to swim, but also always wanting a safe back home. For those in them. Because when you are on the sea, you put your whole trust into them. They are your land, home, bed often…


Just boats.

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