Bye bye snow!!!

Winter is coming… I hope. Yeah, of course I got to survive spring and summer, but still, I do hope it is coming, and will again be snowy. Like this one. Which in fact here started with the end of February and ended…

Well, we still have few patches of snow. Tiny, but we do. And leaves are still not on the trees, no blooming branches, and flowers… well, not so many as last year. Like the whole Island was still waiting for something? Really? It is suppose to be 15 degrees this week, so why not? Have you lost faith, nature?

In yourself?

Oh well, we will see how it will come up, wake up. We will see or not, depends. But still, snow… yup, my obsession. With it everything is so much calmer, so much fluffier, softer, maybe wet and cold too, but I somehow do not feel it this way.


For me it is just a beauty.

And for me beauty is everywhere. Around us. In nature. Is it only me, who do not find all those modern and high life labeled pieces… beautiful? But can melt over trees, rocks, boulders, paths and woodlands? Streams and lakes? Waves on an angry sea? Who gathers stones only because thy are stunning? And in fact weirdly unseen by others? I can not be that special! No way!!!

But when it comes to snow, those colors, this amazing blueness, those shapes, little rainbows, this light, cold which I love… maybe I am?

How is it, that people talk so much about beauty of diversity, being special and OOAK, but still… they do not buy jewellery from artists? From those who in fact create only OOAK pieces? Because the rest will not guess the label? Because the labels shows how much it costed and only this counts? Because it is easily recognizable? But… okay, those bags from LV or Chanel and others – sorry, not knowing all fancy names – they are so ugly. Yes, it is my opinion and yes, I took some time to do research. Those huge brooches. So… soulless. So common…

Maybe in fact common means safe?

Maybe safe is better, but I love snow, and every petal here is OOAK. I must be brave to love something so hated, so diverse, right? Oh my! LOL

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