The New

I hate changes. Especially those big ones which destroy trees, rocks… nature in fact. I do get people with money can everything, but…


Here is me.

Because when there is something working, cute and with a lot of toilets, why to change it? We had a lovely center in front of the mighty ruins. It was old-fashioned, cute. With a lovely restaurant. But someone decided changes must come and…

Okay, I get that Jørn Utzon the architect – not of this castle LOL, is now on the mighty top, and dead, but still… Yes, his project is really amazing. Like, we have few on my island (in Svaneke and Listed) already, so a next one is nothing surprising. But when everyone looks at the Sydney Opera House, his most famous work… I look a the hole in the woodland. The empty space.

Sad one.

I loved the old buildings. The small museum, all that stuff. A shop, everything close, in fact so well looking together. Now they are gone and we have this.

Okay, now it is all fancy, but in fact empty. Cool pictures inside and the movie… watch it here if you want to. I added the sound because of people. Sooo… it is all in glass, but also have a very weird parking where you can break your leg, and the roof which is so slippery and will be even more… It does not have pipes, so water is dripping on those down there… It seems to be so undone.

I think I hate it.

I see its beauty as a creation, love the pictures, the idea, but hate it. Miss the trees. Earlier you could just climb here and stand between the trees in the wilderness. See those cuddly cows, sheep and wild animals…

Now it is fancy. With a restaurant… which in fact do not have people in.

Will I use to it? Probably. But miss the old already.

As an archaeologist, who also worked in a museum, I can say it could be done better inside. It still looks so undone, and with all those people, so dirty. And so easy to be destroyed, and people nowadays do it so easily… do not care.

They come and sit, and do not move. Kids run wherever they want, it is so loud… Yeah, I so get you Leonora!

So get you.

So yes. It is art. Amazing architecture. But not needed. In fact that huge, enormous amount of money could be spent better.

Like for some roads, protecting the whole place… such a pearl. Like for some more trees which you remove so without a doubt and then are surprised that the soil is sliding down. That everything wobbles.

One and only place… and the view?

It was always here. But you could hug some trees too. Now… it is just a loud place. Killing the mood. Just wait until some weirdos will sit on this roof for a photo on Instagram, and fall down… we will have another tragedy.

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