You love me hates…

Okay maybe it is not hate, but just simple disliking?

Maybe I just am not fond of it, crazy as you are. And you know what, it is totally okay for us to be friends. You love coffee, I hate it, so I will not grab your last pinch of it… see, this is how it works. It is quite cool.

I hate olives, so you can eat them all.

You love mountains, I prefer the sea, and somehow we meet in a middle… or sometimes I find myself breathing hard up there and you, on the beach, not even touching the waves, just waiting for me…


We do not have to like the same things. It in fact would be so boring if we did.


I would never know how amazing is to eat that weird stuff you cooked for me, or not tried those funny shoes which are so comfy. Differences can be such amazing teachers… if you let them. If you do not say: I will never try it.


… with age we all get this, not so, wisdom, which ensures us in things we can try or are disgusted by, but still… we learn all the time. Even when it comes to ice cream. You love strawberries, I must have some cherry! You want sprinkles with it, I can skip them and give you mine!


We are different, but we can talk together. We can dislikes things, but truly love each other. We can if we want to, so why people so often prefer not to desire communication? It does not need words. Really. A simple smile is so often enough. Especially if you are me, and all those quarrels have place inside one body.


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