My Island is a tougher.

She got hard boulders, blocks, rocks… she is in a huge part granite and gneiss… still, when you dive down, to he sandy part of her, you can find something thrilling.

A Lego Land!

Okay, it is Arnager: just a small site, mostly visited by tourists… With only few buildings with all hose living here all year round. With awesome wooden pier\bridge leading you to a tiny square harbor.

And limestone.

I mean amazing one. With dinosaurs inside. With all ti past whispering to you with all those stories and names. Because stones love stories. And maybe you got to listen very carefully to hear them, it is worth it!


Looking a bit Greece like?

Combining the past, now and the future which in fact can be a bit big NOPE for it. Because all those forces of nature sculpture it very quickly. You can feel it. You can see it, how it changes with every day, with your every step, with every wind blowing, wave, rain, sun ray… with my breath even.

But there is something more.

Even touching the sea you can feel it how it takes all humidity from you. All the waters. Your fingers become white, your clothes too because I am crazy enough to come here, and take photos in black boots, trousers and hoodie. But… I prefer black, and limestone prefers me covered in a white dust.

Okay… I am alright with it.

I can not change it and I so wanna see all those shapes, all those blocks looking like Lego. I mean really. And those plants. So impossible, so perfectly shaped and of course used to this place. This is their home. Because every place belongs to those who love it. Because every place needs this love and every being needs a place…

… to love and to be loved.

Even if it leaves you weirdly dried and white…

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