The Wall

I noticed I am so easily amazed.

Most of people need shops, tags and all that stuff… but me, me needs old stuff, a lot of it, ancient is the best, no humans, I mean those living, loud and farty… and trees close. And the sea of course.

I mean really. Give me an old wall and I have all the stories, colors, shapes, structures… all the beauty from it.

It is so easy. Look at those bricks, this burnt wood. This past s naked now, prepared to be renovated. Not destroyed. such a great metaphor… not to destroy but always renovate. Bring it back.

But also… not always, because sometimes you need something new. Still renovated pieces are so full of past life.

It is not that hard to give houses life back.

And when brought back they can be much more special, much more grateful for everything you had done. Much more yours.

Such a scenery!

Perfect for a movie, photo on Instagram or just some inspiration. Or just seeing how the heck it all is combined together. Look at those doors, and tiny windows. Hear cows or sheep… yup, sheep are much more possible.

Listen to the past.

Look thru this tiny blueish window. Maybe you will see her, a little girl playing with young animals, so happy of spring coming… so waiting for a next dance, for her own birthdays for some candies her mommy promised her to bring…

Or maybe same girl, but older, looking at you, and thru you… looking deep into the grey sea where her love one is working hard. Grey wavy sea which is so dangerous. She has so much respect to it, but also, she loves those waves so much. Swimming, playing, finding pieces from far away lands, which she was reading about…

Or maybe, on a small step you will see an elderly her and him? Maybe they survived all ups and downs and are wise beyond, but to be true, they do not wanna talk, they only wanna put their backs to this wall and be happy with the sun warming their bodies. Still loving each other. He has a simple pipe, she a mug with some milk…

Just a wall, right.

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