Everyday art – The Box

Something what I just love… everyday art.

Something like plants put into the soil or pots, but in fact creating a bunch, which is not only shapes but also colors. Amazing. Probably not even defining as art… probably, but I have different definitions. LOL


Or graffiti.

But this amazing one.

Sometimes… only flowers and little shapes painted on a box to which only electricians can look into… Or windows, in fact being a simple displays of something those living inside love. Gathered stones, driftwood, pieces of ceramic. Yup, on my island curtains are rare. Somehow people still are not scared of the outside, and of course want as much light as they can have…

But such pieces just melt me.

Look at this letter box.

Simple, earlier just silverfish, now… simple, but so suiting, painting. Using not only a combo of colors which amazingly are smiling to this redness of the door, but also do not scream. Are gentle, but not unnoticeable. How many people in fact noticed it? A bit hidden behind a big bush of roses and of course… on a street which is more nature than posh and fancy. And facing the coolest wall ever, which I will show you next time. Or maybe next next time… those bricks, naked…

Yup, I am so easy to be amazed.

Smiling, looking at something what pushes me to paint my watering can again…

Yes, I painted it.

It was too white to my life. LOL I do not like it with watering cans.

So… what do you think? Are you ready to paint your own life a little bit? Maybe in some crazy, unusual to you colors? Maybe? You can always wash it off. Only use washable ones. But try yourself in new, maybe earlier uncomfortable colors.

Just because you can.

And yes, it is a metaphor.

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