The Mill

Art… sometimes it is the mighty time who decides what is art and what is not. Sometimes those are people who are rich enough to persuade others, that exactly only equally painted canvas – one color – are true art. That the way they think is the only one good one… And sometimes miracles happen and people who are really amazing, gifted, and can move our minds, souls and hearts…

… get their credits…

Recently I see this “credit” in art stolen by huge shops and organizations, and hear it: it was taken only from gifted ones, they should feel grateful… and in this place I am vomiting and as an old bulimic one, I know how to do it, trust me. So many artist got their art stolen by media, Walmart, companies… mostly Chinese, because they just do not care. Just watched the blog, where a girl from Poland, working for one of such companies described how it is done. You get the order and have to find pictures on social media or other portals. And just send them to the boss. He will easily remove the water mark and…


I got robbed too.

My photos can be found in so many places and still people, like it was nothing, just write to me, that they TOOK a photo, instead of paying for it. We have to show our art, but you mustn’t take it. Now I have only my research and paintings and photos. This is what I am trying to live from and… dealing bad. Even very bad. A being with such depression and anxiety is just lost in this world. Where nothing counts. Where I start to get people who say: but they done it before me and they, so why should I be the only one good person here. It is too weird… I do not wanna be so different.

But it was suppose to be a story abut art, time and a mill. We in fact have few such on my island. Amazing, old, full of spirits. Mills, which became art, monuments only because of time. So… yeah, with time art gets usually more expensive. Dead artists also adds zeroes to his doings. Maybe I should…

Yeah… So here it is.

A bit abandoned. But most of us antics have it. A bit lost, but somehow still so firm, strong, so… present in today!!! So beautiful with those drops dropping, with snowy leftovers, so amazing. Changing slowly. Welcoming moss and maybe some fungus? But still… itself. Still untouched in some areas.

Look at this mill, still standing here.

Still being itself.

Just look at hear the lesson. Or just leave.

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