My Island!!!

I just call her my Island. And I do call her – she…

Somehow for me she is not Bornholm, she is more, like my whole Universe.

She is a main subject in my research, she is my love, and every day… She is my inspiration, my religion, my Mother. She just is… constant but changing. Complicated and so simple. Full and empty, especially after the season, when tourists are gone, and only those, really devoted stay here. Those who can walk when it is rainy, windy and cold and still fin here amazing beauty, because how can you not?


Here I can touch more, see more, and of course be more, but here also ME is so not important. Because I am a part of Her… Tiny one, but still, I am. I feel Her moving, rumbling, coughing and wondering: what if…

I do.

Really do…

I know this all, but still discover it over and over and over again every few months. How can it be? Will I ever get bored with Her?

Will She get bored with me?

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