Simple thing, right? We all know that we can see, smell, taste, stand up, touch, and all that stuff, but still, I decided to google it, and this came out. And now I see them more. My ability to see the world differently…

My freeknessy. LOL

But the question is… which one, if you had to, could you give away? Ability to smell the wind, snow, sea and flowers? Your loved one? Because for me smell is very important. And looking back to my classes I remember that as more primal beings, we could so much easier find a mate… And smell, oh my, I can not live without it. It is like the whole world was… suddenly empty. When I get a cold, I am so lost.

So seeing? Nope. Never. Even my weak one is important to me…

… and the touch. Oh no, never. Touching, feeling the bark under my finger, softness of the sand, grass, cold and warm, my skin, my hair… but skin means also pain and temperature. Time? Oh my, is it also a sense? Feeling it, being able to put yourself in a right time? Proprioception? OMMI… I need to stop reading those medical articles. We are able to know how our limbs are put, well, obvious, right?

Do I even use it?

So what next? Walking? I can not live without walking! Balance is so significant. Sound? Oh no, sounds… nature, winds, waves, rocks singing, birds… I need to hear them. And music. h my, nope, can not loose it.

What has left?


Is valid. Tasty things are yummy, but yeah, with all my problems this is something what I can take away from me. In fact recently nothing tastes like it should. It started years ago and is going on… so this one I could sacrifice.

And you?

Or maybe you do have special senses? Those not common? You do feel the weather changing, eyes around your head, feeling something changing in someone, seeing more or maybe… something really unusual?

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