How are you?

How are you people?

I mean after this whole snow thingy… yeah it ended. Probably. Maybe? Am I sure about it? Do I want snow to go away? Am I waiting for a thaw?


Like never!!!

Yup, I am still winter kid. It can not change. There are things which change and those which stay with you forever. Things which create you and make people, you meet after ages of not seeing each other, you have not changed… But, is it good? Or bad? Are we suppose to change all the time, or not?

See… this is why I love seasons.

Having four season is just amazing. I could never live in just a sunny part of the world. Where the sky is almost always blue, and all that stuff. But could I live far away up on the north? They still have spring and summer. Short but yes they do… But without trees, nope, I can not live with treeless world.

But… How are you? What’s new?

What’s old?

Yeah… old. March is month of my bday, so I do feel… ancient. I have no idea why there is such a huge number in front of me, hitting me almost, when I feel like kid still. When I still act like this. Oh yes, thanks Mamma Island for my Husband. The only adult able to deal with me. No worries, kids run away from me too, so… the only human being? Because dogs mostly love me to. But sometimes I think they just see me as a huge sausage. Or piece of meat ready for later…


How are you?

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