At least you have art…

Oh my, I hear it and everything inside of my mind start3ed to boil.

Such phrases so piss me off! Why? This is so easy… there is no way I am having my art (I do have it on my walls, and dreaming about someone buying it all finally), this fucking obsession got me. I have demons inside of me playing with my wobbly parts and telling me I need to write, paint etc.

It is not like I have a choice.

I mean really.

When there are stories or visions inside your head, you just got to let them fly away. You need to make place for new ones because if not you get dizzy, mental… or more like mental, all artists are not right in their heads, ask anyone!!! Sooo… you got to write them out. Put them into words, create pictures, write correctly, because you know – they keep watching you. And if they are not glad about this what you made, they can be really mad. And bite even…

Yeah, it is a bit fairy like but the truth is, that weird need to create is in you and you have nothing to say. You HAVE TO do it. There is no NO… It jumps on you, kicks your ass and makes of you a weirdo who somehow knows what to rite or paint, but in fact, can not do it… Yeah it happens too. This emptiness. This time, when you want to, but somehow can not… oh my… the worst time.

You got no idea what to do with yourself.

Art is not something you have.

Art has you!

It is a naked, fat, weird God with a huge whip who just looks at his slaves, not worshipers, slaves, and sometimes kisses their booboos. You know, he must be as those who he created, right. One of us – yeah I know it is from “I, Robot”.

PS. Did you noticed I did not mention snow… YAY, right? LOL Although it is still here, and it is amazing! I am obsessed with winter as always.

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