Snow, March and VHS…

There was such movie, right? I was thinking about the title for this blog, and it came to me… wait, moment for googling… LOL Oh yes “Sex, Lies and Videotape”. I do not think I ever watched it, but still good for the title. Weird title for my blog, because there will be nothing about VHSes.

But there will be snow…

Because once in my life I am trending…


Yeah! All those people being frighten, panicking because of a few centimeters of snow… Really, you all remind me of me? Me being a kid walking to school through the woods in a blizzard, when it was minus 20C.

Try it!

In thin pants.

And this warm feeling which was finally coming. And weird moment, when you were coming back from school, you have still a mile but you are so tired, and you just sit on a side of the road, tired, and get so sleepy…

So sleepy. Warm. So good.

I remember that moment. Do not remember how I got up and came back home. Nobody cared, so… now, my lovely, amazing Island – the one with mild climate which gets snow every few years, is again snowed. Was it my magic? Who knows? If i was, tell nobody! I wanna live for now.

Amazing now.

Of course it is snowing since Friday, and mostly it is white and grey, but the truth is, because of this wonderful light it is never dark…

We have no rough edges, we have only softness, amazing shapes, icicles and white roads… yeah, you can easily see how everything collapses here. How so rich Scandinavia is slowly turning into something not taken for, but… here is snow, it can help me stop thinking about it.

Funny thing? For Danmark first of March is a first day of spring… LOL


PS. Yes, this is my garden, or more like a lawn. Place for birds, herbs and trees. And a windmill, and a blizzard on the field. Such a fairy-tale. My own. I can let all the mythical creatures here, all those from fairy-tales, all those from my head, which are so weird… even those from legends are a bit confused…

And yes, the hedge is green. There is also green grass under the snow.

Such climate!

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