Only me?

I really sometimes think I am the only one who loves snow so obsessively. And is so happy because police officially grounded us at homes.

Yup… my Island got snow.

It is not something normal because of mile climate and all that stuff. Last such snow was in 2010!!! I remember those days. Helicopters which were helping elderly people. It is an island. Some people live deep in the fields and nobody will snow off their roads. Sooo… it was hard, but they got help. Truth is, it was only few days but for a place which in fact almost never gets snow, it was something.

For me… beautiful

And now we are snowed… totally. Those photos were taken 2 days ago, since then it is snowing… and snowing and snowing. There was that moment of sun, like only a moment, but imagine it… blue and white.

White and blue. Basics, right? But so breathtaking… Used usually at school, still not always considered fashionable, but in fact everyone of us had such set on. Trust me. Even as a kid. Nothing so cute, like white blouse and blue dress or pants. LOL

Sooo… basics.


Or maybe breathtaking only for me? Very possible. And you know what? It is so okay. I love being the only one me. Different, totally not like all the world. Maybe it is not easy to not be a copy of somebody else, but I am loving it!!!


When it comes to art… I love blue, I am obsessed with blue and I am blue, so not in a position to judge. I just can not live without it! LOL

PS. Outside still snowing… I was diving in a huge pile of snow yesterday, so today some work. I mean I should work… but will I? Birds came and it is like best TV ever! How can I work when I have so many different birds in my bird-feeder? How? LOL

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