Just walking…

Just walking.

Sucking inspiration in.

Just being one with nature. Maybe it is windy and you look at the pile of branches as a place you wanna crawl in, but it is okay. It is normal, because it is still winter… time to rest. But we… so fucking modern, do not rest anymore, do we? We got Mr. Google who takes me adverts for: I do not know what I have done. But the truth is, I “earned” for it 600DKK in 8 years on 4 blogs, so… fuck you very much Google. I never wanted to have adverts jumping into readers eyes, just those on a side, right side… now nothing, no hope. Does it mean I can sell this space to someone?

Sell myself?

Poor people got to start to think. Not only be happy in the woods, because suddenly you come out from them and want roof over your head, books and food, so… you need those fucking money.

I mean really… so you go out and it is sunny, amazing, winter came back to my Island and everything is white… okay, maybe not everything, you still got to look for snow, but it is a progress!!! You find it, you swim in it, it is bright…

And then… suddenly this happens.

Big petals, but also something looking like a soft hail! Very soft, so cute, like an army of small snowmen hitting you. So maybe it was not so sweet, but I loved it! Maybe I am also 666 shades of Witch, but still, I loved it!

So fucking loved it!!!

And mild version… on a movie.

Just click!!!

See this green. Oh my, it smelled fantastic!!! So normal and natural.

And then, after few minutes… or maybe some more time, maybe in fact wonderful eternity, the sun came back and blue sky appeared and everything was so impossible, so like: this could not happen…

And then, when we were in our car… again snowstorm!!!

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