Cage or home?

I have noticed, that some people see their homes as cages. As places which are in fact not theirs. They are unable to create their spaces, need to ask for help – what I totally do not get. How can you just not know what you like?

How can you not obsessively love your home, or want to have the home? How can you live without this space which is safe and only yours? How can you be not… like me? Yeah, right, and here is the answer. Not everyone is me. Not everyone eve had a true home. True place which was safe and forever. With parents and all that stuff. With order, and some rules, with books and dreams…

I think if you are me, you are dreaming abut your own home and the woods. Yeah, I know. But I really want to have my own woods, woodland, the forest with Pooh and all that stuff maybe? Have you watched that movie? New one about how Pooh was born? I cried so much for almost a whole movie! Sooo…



For me it is the place where I must feel safe, must feel clean and can in fact hide. And of course where I can work, exercise and play. Do everything. Home must be my own world, where I can do everything – but not to annoyed my neighbors. Okay, I am the quiet one, so no worries. I am still dreaming about one… buying one, maybe not perfect, but I will make it perfect. Not that I do not love our cottage, but we have many problems with it like The Kingdom of Ants under the floor, which me The Mighty Evil tries to kill every year… and mold… but the most important thing is – we are renting it. It is not mine. And somehow it is so painful that I can not have my own. So weird. Every human being should have its own place. Home is a big word.

It is important…

Home, having it, it is my obsession. Is it a good one? No idea, but as a human with HUGE anxiety and introvert, I need it. Is it my cage? I bet extroverts will see it this way. But you should see how people can be shocked by all those colors on our walls and all that books! I remember once someone entering my home said: you should read more books, and then he hit the wall of them… yeah. People are better ancient and dead. YAY! Being an archaeologist is awesome!!! You can do research at home… and your objects talk differently than those living ones! LOL

But this that people do not know what they want and need other people to tell them how to live… I so do not get it!!!

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