Painting again…

I just need it.

Weird feeling when your body needs to express your feelings by writing, painting and photography… do I really got so much to say or is it only my Island? Yeah, I bet it is all her doing… quoting Henry The VIII.

But still… I so wanna come back to my darkness, still all I do/create is happy and colorful. What is going on with my subconscious? Maybe in fact I am cheerful, happy and filled with smarties and chocolate?

Oh no… LOL

They are all for sale if you are interested. Shipping is 200DKK and small ones are 150DKK including easels. Bigger cushion paintings – which I can but easels too – are 250DKK. Just contact me via Facebook – Chepcher Jones or Kobaltowa Wrona!!!

Please!!! LOL Yes, I am that depressed.

And desperate.

PS. I will create proper listings in my shop, but it will take some time. Regular photos you can get in message. They are really cheerful, and can brighten your day. Trust me, I feel like in a candy shop creating lids for candy boxes. LOL

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