The God of Light

“Oh the Mighty Light.

The precious…

The wanted.

Desired, prayed for.

The Light!!!

Come to me,

come… be with me,

by my side.

Be in me, wash me inside and out.

Oh Mighty Light!!!

Changing, circulating,

always not the same.

Sunrise, sunset…

hole between darkness.

The Light…” Ch.J.


This is what all artists are crazy about, aren’t they. We wanna swim in it, be washed by it, we wanna catch it, have it, and of course mess with it.

The Light.

My Island is one of those rare places which have a very special light. Very clean, available almost all the time. The light which in fact messes with you. Makes you crazy, crazy enough to fight for every shade, for every ray…

Maybe the God of Light in fact lives here. In a small cottage by the sea, sure that here he can create the sunrises and sunsets, all those moments, we forget about, and which are not so popular, not called. My amazing Blue Light, my woods, where light places with every pieces of air.

Just… intertwine rays. Create fro them passages to another worlds, or just us, looking a bit more godly finally. A bit more angelic even… naturally.


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