Stand up…

I hate that saying: what will not kill you will make you stronger. I just hate it!!!


Because sorry, but it is only the knowledge what not to touch, or eat or play with… It is only the fucking knowledge. I would so be not less stronger because of some things not happening to me. Things, moments… they can hurt you so much, that you get so scared of everything, that…

So stand up, get a grip… it makes me pissed. Hearing it… oh my, I so wanna smack the person saying it, and because of all those memes and humans using those words… I prefer stones, trees and people who died ages ago.


Experience is your know how! Sorry. Me spitting on a hot bauble was not smart, it did not kill me, and now I know how it blows… oh yes, it was ages ago, when light baubles were big and round. Good times!


Still… why stones on the beach? Because they are such metaphor of all of us. Together, but lone. Some of them touched by winds are still holding on. Some fall, and some need sand to stand up… flat, majestic. Tiny sculptures which can be so easily destroyed. Too easily unless the sand got frosty bite and went on a stronger side… darker one.

Yeah Obi Wan!

This is life. This is us.

And you know what? Sometimes you just need someone to carry you, and…

… this is life.

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