Such peace

Winter should be peaceful and quiet. Should be wintery. To make us being able to hear snow dropping, to hear winds singing, to just…


Will it come?

Will it ever be like I remember it? Like time to rest, to regenerate.

To meet people, keep those who you love closer?

And snow… of course snow.

Because how can someone like me survive without it?

How the heck can?

Without those sparkles. Yup, you got wet to take those photos and cold, you get dirty and messy, but still… it is here. Not much… but you try to keep as much as you can. Because in fact the whole thing of your existence is… winter.

Weird, right?

To wait whole year first for autumn, then for winter.

Or maybe only for winter.

Because winter is this special time which for those modern times is so unnecessary. So incomprehensible. People think they do not need it. Time of darkness, time of snow and cold. Time for fun… less work, more sleep.

Well… maybe I am not human anymore?

That would easily explain everything.

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