One place

I love coming back to well known places. I love to check how they change – only if it is nature, only if a human being did not touch it…

I love to watch. up… I am a nature’s stalker.

I am!!!


I hug trees, eat snow, and then I try to put it into photos and painting. Just me. And touch the stones, check if there are carvings sleeping under… simple life, right? Very simple. Maybe even too simple?

But this place I wanna talk you about is a hug field on a top of my Island. Now white. Amazingly white. Have it when it is only sunny and sparkly. Have it so clean… yeah, I could do this photo from other side, but was I thinking? Nope! I was not!!! I was not because I was so overwhelmed by all this snow…


And now welcome to the evening.

Colorful, breathtaking. Changing the sea on the other side into a pink pudding. I mean really, it looked like pudding!!! And those trees. Without them, and probably a burial hidden under them, this everything speaks out. Because in art sometimes one piece is the one most important.


PS. Remember about my art for sale. Do not use the shop – only for looking, just contact me via Facebook (Chepcher Jones or Kobaltowa Wrona) and we can make every too big price smaller! Cheap pieces not included!!! LOL

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