More snow…

Yes, this is again… post about snow.

Because we have snow.


Oh wait, a little update, we HAD snow… fuu… Why?

The world hates ma!

And yes, it is a seed or a bug under my eye… sucks, right? LOL But maybe he wanted fame? And stick to a wrong person? I bet! LOL

Still, what I was about? Oh yes, snow!!! Sooo… I found a nice, clean patch, in fact w whole world, little forest, some fallen trees and bushed… so fairy tale like. So perfect with those covers, crystals, diamonds even.


And even more…

Just look, try to breath this fresh, clean air in… it is not something common anymore, what scares hell out from me!!! Dive in, get wet, and of course catch some “sparkliness” for yourself. Because it is important. To not sometimes clearly see things… they look so much better if you blink many times or just squint. There is a whole another world with chubby fairies – still flying, brave, wearing whatever they want, do not caring what THE MIGHTY WOLD thinks about them…

So beautiful.

PS. Oh, and annoying thing from my Facebook page… WTF? Can someone tell me why do I need appointments and messing with my notifications position? What is wrong with Facebook recently? And posting photos is so hard!!!

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