Soooo… how do you like your snow?

I love mine fresh and sparkly, fluffy, but not too much… and neat. I mean really nothing more, just a spoon, or do not even bother, I will lick it. LOL

I love snow.

I am obsessed by it. I am snow, snow is me, for me it is the most miraculous creation ever. You can find there everything. Maths, physic, fairytales and dreams, old legends, those which are getting born… everything.

Lights which will never appear during the night and those which are waiting for maybe just a shade… and creations and words. Big worlds and small worlds. Those already inhabited and those which you can look, but no touching.

… and fluffiness. Like all the cushions of the world suddenly blow out. Just because it is snowing. Or more like, it was snowing, and my Island was so generous to keep this patch of snow for me and let me just swim in it. And take photos.

It is weird, because I do not feel cold. I am aware of getting more wet, but still… I so do not care. Because why should I? I HAVE SNOW! Not much but I do!!! I know a huge amount of you have ore, but still… okay, I am jealous, you wanted to ear so got it. I am soooo jealous, but. Snow on my Island is so special, that…

… you will never have this kind. You got to come and taste it by yourself. Sorry. It will not come to you. LOL

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