Nothing, just do nothing…

I fail.

I fail miserable and always when it comes to doing nothing.

And you sometimes should do nothing, no offense! You should!!!

Soo… I am sitting by one of my fav standing stones, hugging it as always – yes we have a sick relationship, just get over it… or hugging a tree. Here I have weir relationships with every one of them!!! Okay same with most standing stones. Nope, not because they are phallic… oh come on, it was suppose to be about doing nothing, and see how it goes, as always!!! Like with my doing nothing…

I failed!

Even when you sit in an amazing venue, woods, rocks, bird singing… you could lie down and just watch the clouds, but nope… I can not do it. Something kicks me, I bet that was that ant… and makes me a volcano of activity. Taking photos. Finding spots. Doing something. Imagination is working, I wanna stay here but also go, I always got to be in a move… I can not stop…

What if I stop and the world stop and blow out?

Oh yes, hello anxiety, depression, OCD and all that stuff.

Of course my scientific part is sure it is not possible, but the other part – one of three – is like: or maybe?

Someone wise and old… okay older than me, told me that some people got too much fire inside. And they should learn how not to be burnt too early. As a witch, I do agree… but as a human crazy being, I hope strongly that my tea will calm it a bit down?


And even if I get burnt earlier than it is suppose to be happening… even if, so what? Maybe it should be like that? Maybe?

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