Frosty Monet

Yup, as usual… no winter.

Some snow petals, few snowy patches… some wet buttocks. LOL But thanks to frosty weather we had few more amazing pieces.

Pieces which I have photographed when they were in full bloom.

Which were so alive and now look… tasty…

I mean really.

In those sleeping beauties is something so yummy and tasty… I know! Maybe I am just hungry but look at this frosting. Light and colors. Yummy!!! Pure inspiration not only for a painting. Those shades and colors, shapes and powers. This past, presence and future, because they will be reborn. Whatever you will do, even if you try to destroy them – don’t – they will be back. They are strong, beautiful and independent… They get it, that nature rules are everything, so… they obey.

Why we do not?

They will be back. If you check my other blog posts you can find them blooming!!! And get why Monet was so crazy about them.

They will be back…

Maybe not like a girl from TV… yes sorry, I like horror movies and have huge imagination what is not really so cool, when the shadows dances around you in the wood, deep, and you are lying on a thin ice of a lovely pond, still…

What was that noise?

That black haired girl from those movies about thingies you should put on a finger?!! Coming out from under the ice? Oh well… I can take such photo too, come on, smile for me. LOL What? Told ya my imagination has no borders.

Look at them.

Sleeping waterlilies…

And… What is that?

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