Why do you?

This is the truth!

Why do you stop yourself?

I mean really?

Because what? What will people say? They will always talk, make them interested, make them to have something to talk about, maybe it will rise you sale level… LOL What? I decided to think abut it like it. Like the rest of the world! Fuck it! I need cash to live so I can be eccentric. Oh wait, rich people are one, I will be only weird and crazy!

LOL I can live with it!

Give people a subject, be others life! Pitiful people who have such boring existences… oh my, so pitiful that they need a piece of me?! Okay… but pay for it. LOL

Go, do it!

It is snowing outside, so I am going out. Not caring for strong wind and weird weather… not caring if someone will get my art, my passion. Really. Since now I am doing it for myself. I need it to survive that messed up world. Because it is getting worst and my mind do not get stupidity, ignorance and evil.


Soooo… make your at unique.

If you cove walls like me, paint them, photograph them, do not destroy. If you love laundry like me, take photos, but protect the freedom of those who put it there. Give them their personal space, but if you wanna dance in wet snow, because this is the only snow you will get… What the heck am I still doing here?


PS. My depression and anxiety hit so much, that I am coming back to not only be miserable me, but also more crazy me and painting. If you are interested in my past works – there is still a shop. Remember the price is really only a suggestion! Write me. Have me on my wall, I can rock it!!! There are piece for only 100 DKK!!!

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