I know some people are over that whole winter thing, but me… I am still waiting. Still waiting for snow, colors, lights, whiteness, icicles, frost and frozen waves. I am still waiting for all that stuff, but also… I am aware that my Island rarely gets snow.


So whenever night frost hits, I am looking… looking for those diamonds. Amazing pieces. Which really make you crazy, because during taking photos not only you lie down in a cold stream but also… can not breath too much. Suddenly you are TOO HOT. I could get it as a compliment, but not now.

Because I want them.

Want them all!!!

Those sparkles.

Those shapes… so often so naughty!!! LOL

That light, drippings, and the sound which is still here even if it is only a photography. Just listen Just try to be there!!!

And I have only minutes, sometime seconds to get them. But it is wroth everything. Even wet but!!! This low light, stream running to the sea, round rocks so close, green grass, cows, sheep poop… it does not matter.



If you love it, you will do it and nothing can stop you. Although sheep can sometimes be too curious or those dog size cows… oh yes, that was an adventure, keep in tough. Will be in my next blog!!! LOL

PS. Remember all my photos from all my blogs and Facebook pages, Instagram are for sale!!! (paypal, 150DKK, mail and you print it a you want it!!!)

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