White, black or grey…

I do not make black and white photos. Why? Because I am still in this amazing colorful phase. Somehow I need them, although myself needs only black and blue. Somehow… but I photography nature, so…

… nature decides what to give me.

And sometimes it makes the world a bit monochromatic. Metallic even. Impossible, but still so inspiring. Even hypnotizing. Even… looking so unreal. So fake… or maybe we are fake in fact, trying t be so much different than nature. So much better, so much bigger, so much… everything. We kill what we want, we destroy and think it is okay and nothing can happen to us humans… or maybe to you humans? Because I am so not sure if I am one of you trashy, smoking, nasty people.

Do I consider myself better than you all? Oh holy shit nope, never!!! I am that one and only stupid which does not suit to the picture… picture of a destroyed woodland, which I loved. Loved so much.

And to that photo… nope, it is not black and white… it is nature. Bit gloomy. If you look deeper you can see the green, almost emerald like. And metallic sea. And that tip… top of that world. Ad maybe few stories under, maybe few legends?

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