The Blue Hour

Of course I can see the beauty of a setting sun and rising one. I can sped hours kneeling, lying down, squatting, crouching and taking photos. Swimming in this golden light, just melting into it, changing, absorbing…

The light is so amazing. Maybe for me not perfect to take photos of people, but the sky, reflections, the sand. These look amazing. Still… my favorite is my own, invented by my crazy self, The Blue Hour.

It happens between rains, rainy clouds, sometimes around the foggy day, when everything clears up but still is not bright. Just happens with expectations. With all those cloud coming, but still the sun being somewhere there.

Blue Hour.

Much more often during winter… of course because of the sun shining so low, being so cold, so still here, but not in fact. Maybe even the sun is blue now?

Perfect when the snow comes and the evenings change into white, sparkly around light. So perfect. Because the snow is the master of absorbing colors, sucking off the light, just perfectly cleaning up everything.

I love this time. I really do. It is so special, so perfect, so clean and innocent, does not wanna impress anyone… so me.

Maybe it is me?

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