Fine Art America

As you know I lost my normally payed job in a publishing house – because I love books, what is sooo too clear, so… all I have to earn from now is my Fine At America account and my shop on this page, which you are not interested about because really, finding there anything and the way of paying for it is just hard… I get it. Sooo… if you wanna help me, just go there and look on my art, and if you see something you are interested in, just PM me on Facebook. Price is not carved in stone, never!!!

Only the shipping.

But, because Fine Art also lets me sell original paintings, I will soon delete my blog shop and will only use that platform. This is why I got something to say. Number one: do not be scared that it is called AMERICA LOL In fact pieces will be send to you from EU, America, or whatever planet you live on like Vistaprint, so no problem. They are really well made and now cushions are also in cotton what is just so cozy!!!

But… remember, you can customize everything.

What is really important… because not every photo looks okay in the first way the page shows it to you. So just click on it and move your mouse, finger, or whatever you have… if you are octopus, use all eight feelers or antennas if you really come from another planet. Trust me!

Number two you can choose not only prints in few ways, but also canvas, pillows, cards and phone cases. But… yeah, when it comes to it, in fact again you can always adjust a photo to every piece as you want it. You can have it up side down, more green, more blue. As you like it!!!

Like here… see, the crocus is lower, and it looks totally different.

Just click in the middle of the photo and again… just move it. Choose vertical or horizontal on the right and of course model of your phone. And NUMBER THREE… now you have one and only cover. Not like rest of the world only flamingos and palm leaves. Same with photos, kinds of frames, cards… everything.


Of course for all this time you can buy my photos for 150DKK, and via email get a full size photo and print it as you want it. As you like it. Just PM me, again. Photos are on my Facebook pages and blogs: IBornholm,, Miś Śnież – wolność dla pluszaków, and Kobaltowa Wrona, and

Soon, I will be adding more photos on Fine Art, so keep watching! And check my Instagram and YouTube for nature and laughter.

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