And darker…

Darkness came quick today. Like it really does not care about all this food, music, people maybe wanting to have fun. But do they care? No way! Fun when it is dark outside is much better. My blanket, one cookie, tea and books!!!

Oh my…


Such a party…


I can hate this day, but the truth is that it is one of those magical. Magical by people, so I stepped into few sacred places, by a Holy Woman, the one always waiting, my own vision of Pieta and of course Luisenlund.

Yeah, it was raining. Still no snow. No cold also!!! I could say it is really warm… to warm for me, saw even a BUG!!! And my bones, veins and my everything need cold so much. Frost and snow. All that wintery stuff, you know how it works.

Some of you have it.

Some do not care… and others went for winter holidays to so called warm countries. Whatever rides your goat. LOL My personal me really needs snow!!! Icicles. And all that stuff. That sound snow makes, that sparkle, that playing in this adorable, colorful whiteness. Yes, I know how it sounds. But for me snow is full of colors. Same with ice. It just works because of light.

PS. Yea, I am aware why people make sounds on 31st and feast, that it is pagan stuff, or more like Roman thingy… but I hate fireworks and all that stuff making loud sound. I cry like a dog and jump up hitting my head. I prefer peace and quiet. But yes, sometimes I love to sing in the wilderness LOL Trees appreciate it because I breath… probably birds too, but they are my family… animals?

Never asked, but no worries, I am not loud.


Sooo… it is dark, and around me can be really dark, I mean really… only somewhere far far far away on the sea I can see a light. Maybe a forgotten ship? Or just someone who does not care and prefers to be alone. Alone is not bad. Especially if you can make you smile. LOL I mean really!!! Maybe darkness suits him too?

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