The end?!

I mean really!


Really… can someone explain me why people are stuck in this unbelievable conviction, in this believe, that end of a year, in fact such a fake thing… really makes a difference (except numbers)? I mean, how can you be sure, being in fact in a huge pile of shit, that it will gently disappear only because it is 00:00?



What am I not getting again.

On my painting they all would be a mass of twisted bodies in red and green flames, looking with hope on a clock… in a corner you could sea a little blond girl in a sparkly silver dress, which is holding a bomb and a match… burning. Just waiting for this 00:01 to destroy it all. Because when something ends something starts… What about the chaos theory? I mean really? Do you see the difference when champagne pours? When people scream 3… 2… 1…? Do you?

Did you maybe noticed that seasons do not change in fact on the day it is marked on your calendar? I mean really! Work on your life, imagine how you wanna it to be and work, change, sweat! No offense, yup miracles happen and if you were born in a healthy wealthy family, it will be  much easier for you that is why I am still waiting for my father – who I do not know who he is – to appear as a wealthy Hilton, Rothschild… or something like that. Sorry, in fact have no idea who is the richest now?

Richie Rich? LOL He is a grown up already, right? Old enough? LOL

Start things when the time is right, end them, when they should be ended! Just take everything in your hands, unless you can not do your make up or cook, or have no green thumb and a huge garden, then just use those who can. LOL Or grow it wild. Because wild is good. Listening to yourself is important!!!

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