And new year?

As a person hating clocks, calendars and all that stuff, for the worst day, for me, I claim The New Year’s Eve!

I hate it.

Hate it!!!


For everything in fact.

For being pushed into unwanted fun and of course for loud noises, and drunken people and people at all… and… did I mentioned people? 


I love living on my Smaller End of The World, where nobody cares what I am wearing. I hope… because today morning was crazy. I was chopping onions and potatoes for simple creamy soup, when I noticed it… A SUNRISE!!! A nice one, maybe even first such since long long long time!!!

So I had to.

And had no time to wash myself, put on bra and all that stuff, and… yeah, just in my baggy pants and hoodie with huge holes, I picked up my camera and run. Almost forgot about keys, did not forget about making “fire” under my soup to be smaller… but the rest was not important. Oh my I blew it, because I THOUGHT my spare batteries were in my bag but forgot I took them out to check if they are loaded…


I saw a heart on the sky, all those lights, colors… everything.

Still… my battery died just in a middle of everything, what pissed me off, but still, I saw it. For the first time since ever. Okay, long long long time. I made it. Had golden ad blue, shady and bright only form myself. Of course that was cold when I was lying on wet stones, but still… I made it! I got it.

It is all mine!!!

It was…

Oh yes, I started from hate, ended with love. Not bad, right… still hating New Year’s Eve. Do I really hate fun? I think so. Fun in that weird definition of loud noises, drunken morons driving in the walls behind which a little girl was sleeping… She managed to crawl out from the ruins of the house. On this Island we called it Jul Miracle. Sooo… I hate this kind of fun. For me fun must involve nature or bed.


PS. Hate fireworks and balloons too… I am scared of them!!! Like a dog.

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